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IPN address: []/?index.php?cl=bestitamazonipn] - Domain name should not contain Amazon keyword Should not be set in Amazon Payments Account settings if CRON is used.

CRON address: []/?index.php?cl=bestitamazoncron] - Recommended cron period is every 5-15 minutes
should not be set if IPN is used in Amazon Payments Account settings. This script can be executed manually and should output some performed action information (if there was some) and „Done“ response when successfully finished.

If some unexpected behavior will happen, always check log files which are stored in /log/bestitamazon/
It‘s recommended to keep Module Settings->API Settings->Save all logs turned ON to have ability to track processes when needed.

If some problems will happen with Amazon Pay requests, use Amazon Pay tab in orders list (backend), and you can manually send selected Amazon Pay request to specific order. Please be careful not to proceed some unexpected processes like Cancel/Close. Some of the actions cannot be reverted. By adding custom Button, Widget and Endpoint urls in Module Settings->Locale Settings, ensure that Amazon API Locale is selected to „Custom“. Sandbox simulation links can be found in Adminster Orders -> Orders ->Amazon Pay (TAB). Different simulation links needs different Order State - keep that in mind before testing. The module itself performs the needed DB changes on module ctivation, the maded changes can be found at the install.sql stored at /modules/bestitamazonpay4oxid/_db



$this->blAmazonSimulationMode = true; has to be set in to activate simulation links.













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